The Solomon Foundation was an Idea the “Late” Mark Hoverson and I dreamt of and created.

The original idea for the Foundation was to support Mark’s writings and teachings and the
“Healing” masterminds that were to follow.

As Mark grew weaker and weaker from his Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Cancer, it became clear that I would be continuing on the Foundation in Mark’s Honor.

I had a very intimate conversation with Mark about my passion for the Foundation if he were not able to continue it with me…to start the Foundation, the vision is to take our, “Lemonade Crusade” and blow it up.

Mark has always enjoyed mentoring young kids and the “Lemonade Crusade” is just one of the many ways he creatively taught young kids, ages, 8-13 Entrepreneurship, through running a lemonade stand.

Sounds simple right?

This is not just any lemonade stand though! Before the kids are able to take part in the “Lemonade Crusade” they go through an educational experience where they discover the importance of profit and loss sheets, upsells and why the presentation of the table is critical to having a successful lemonade stand.

The video below is of Mark and I’s kiddos hosting their Lemonade stand in 2015.

As you can see in the video.. It’s NOT “just” a Lemonade Stand, it is a Business.

I would be honored to have you support the “Lemonade Crusade” movement by clicking on the
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. No amount is too small or too big. Your donation is also TAX-Deductible.

Solomon Foundation Co-Founder,

Shannon Hoverson