Next Crusade Dates: Coming Soon

Last Crusade’s Champion Podium

Step 1: Watch Quick 1-Min Welcome Video

Step 2: Watch the Player Scorecard Video (so you get ALL your points)

Recommended: It’s recommend that the sponsor/parent & kids watch this video together.

After watching the Player Scorecard video print out your Scorecard by clicking the button below before you move on to step 3.

Step 3:  Look at the Rewards for the TOP Players

Special Note For Parents: the prizes below are pretty exciting, and the kids may get REALLY excited about winning. This is good! However, please set expectations that there are many ambitious kids all over the world competing to win, and truly “doing their best” is its own reward. Just like kids who are excited to compete in a baseball or soccer tournament or spelling-Bee, they will want to win, and if they lose, it can be emotional…however, good sportsmanship & giving their best effort is the secret we want them to learn. So please have a conversation with your children about the competitive nature of the Lemonade Crusade awards. Last thing, scoring & reporting is based on the honor system, and we have a panel of 3 successful entrepreneurs (with no children in the competition), who will be reviewing all the scorecards & video entries. Points alone will NOT determine the winners, videos entries will play a strong role in deciding the winners…let the kids help in editing the videos wherever possible). The panel will make the difficult decision on the top placements.

Step 4: Parents- Sign the Permission Slip

Note: Clicking the button below will open a new tab for a Parent/Guardian to fill in the Lemonade Crusade Permission Slip. Fill in a separate Permission Slip for each child participating in the Crusade.

Step 5:Join the official Lemonade Crusade Facebook group for additional tips, to connect with other parents/mentors and to stay in the loop with future events.

Step 6: Plan the date & time for your first 90-minute lemonade stand & GO

Step 7: In the comments below, post your Lemonade Crusade RECAP video… so we can all watch it!

Reminder: Be sure to include your points total in your comment with your RECAP video.

Step 8: Congratulate the youth on becoming an Emerging Entrepreneur

Congratulate the youth on becoming an Emerging Entrepreneur (EE)! The vision of EE is always evolving with new ideas based on teaching kids about entrepreneurship, saving & investing, and building a network of ambitious friends across the country and the world. Just like soccer, basketball, and other sports have huge networks, camps, tournaments, scholarships, and events to teach kids the value and skills of sports, the ongoing vision of EE is build a network that champions the development of entrepreneurial problem-solving & skills in today’s youth.

(BONUS) Step 8: For extra insight on WHY we do the Lemonade Crusade, listen to Mark Hoverson’s Podcast episodes on entrepreneurial parenting

Scroll through the comments below and watch videos from kids all over the world document their “Great Lemonade Crusade” experience … then submit your own!


  1. Steve.Barnes

    My Daughter is SO excited about this!!!!! She is writing up her “business model” and honestly it’s the cutest thing I think my wife and I have ever seen. We and I are just sitting back, for the moment, and letting her run full tilt with this. She has an “employee” that she “needs”, has decided we will market “two” types of lemonade (in case one flops), and is talking about setting up an animal petting station to draw people in 😉 What have you started here?!?!  LOVE IT!!

  2. BrendaGagne

    The girls had a great day today at their lemonade stand!  We made a profit and enjoyed the entire process of this!  Here’s our video of the experience!! (I made it, but they helped me timeline it!) 

  3. ChantelD

    The Great Lemonade Crusade Results ~ Instilling Entrepreneurial Skills in Our Youth

    Traeton had a great time with the people stopping by and with his friends.  I think he enjoyed finally having a platform for his magic tricks which was his side-show entertainment while they had their refreshing beverage.  I was amazed at how many people just donated for the purpose of encouraging the kids to be “Go Getters”.  It was pretty cool.  We had 7 lemons in the bowl Friday, but had to use 5 of them no Saturday to make our last few gallons of lemonade (that’s why you see 2 in the video – the last hour of business).  
    Traeton finished the P&L spreadsheet tonight.  Total profit after 2days $56.18.  Enjoy the video ~>>

    • WES

      Awesome! WELL DONE GIRLS 🙂

  4. saffron69

    OK – both days of the GLC completed! I have two very excited boys who want to do this every weekend now!!
    We live in NZ where its the end of winter right now, so extra effort to stand out in the cold, and still pull off selling lemonade!!!
    Here’s our vid: 

  5. HeatherEMartens

    Here’s the VIDEO Our Daughters Summer and Skye took part in Mark Hoverson’s program for budding young entrepreneurs called “The Great Lemonade Crusade” teaching kids how to run their own 5 Star Lemonade Stand! So much fun!

  6. dtesolution

    The Great Lemonade Crusade.  
    Our children are grown and our grandchildren don’t fit the guidelines, but we thought it was a neat concept, so we asked some friends of ours if their daughter would be interested. 
    The excitement from the beginning was awesome.  Autumn invited her cousin Hannah and Hannah invited her sister Olivia. 
    They went right to work making their signs and baking cupcakes.  They also decided that they would offer pink lemonade and have strawberries and lemons in the lemonade.
    As they were making the preparations, it was decided that the weekly farmers market held on Union Common would be an excellent venue.  As that possibility was researched, Autumn visited the Union Town Office and learned from the town manager that permits would be required that could not be done before the deadline. 
     The people who manage the farmers market were not receptive to two young girls operating a lemonade stand for a few hours, but the girls were not deterred. 
     The local community center was having a special lawn sale for their thrift store and they agreed to let the girls set up at their sale.
      It was pouring the day of the sale so the girls set up in the lobby of the building where they sale was held. They had awesome lemonade and out of this world lemon cupcakes. 
     Free samples of the cupcakes tempted Customers and the flowers and fresh lemons displayed created an attractive stand.  At the end of an hour and a half, they girls had grossed $37.50.
    The next day was again rainy here in Maine, but the girls had made arrangements to set up their stand outside the front door of the local John Deere tractor dealer. 
     There’s a nice canopy to protect them from the rain, so they set up by the front door.  The wind blew the table cloths and the napkins went flying, but the girls remained professional and dealt with any challenge that came along. When all was said and done, the stand grossed $107.54 in two sessions. 
     The girls, aged 8 , 9 and  6 were very excited about the process and ecstatic about the results.

  7. IvoneGranados

    I just want to share my kids video: 

    thank you for this great project!!

  8. cindywatts

    Okay.. .here’s our edited video.. whew, just in time 🙂

  9. Shelly Stadstad


  10. Dan & Karen Echols

    Awesome! We will send this to our grand kids! Really sure they will love it!

  11. Jamie Waters

    So Cool! Lets rock this 🙂

  12. Zack Tillman

    Here is the video of my cousin Spencer for the Great Lemonade Crusade! After checking the scorecard he was able to add up a total of 260 points.

    (Profit & Loss Report)


    The top compliment Spencer received was for adding fresh mint leaves to the lemonade the he grew from his garden giving the lemonade a refreshing taste.

  13. Shannon Hoverson

    The Hoverson Tribe held their 1st Lemonade Crusade on June 11th in our small town of Manvel, ND.
    The timing was right and people were ready to buy before we were completely set up. The kids had fun and it was good for me to stand back and truly let them do it by themselves (even though I wanted to help cut the lemons, my kids wanted to do it without my help, and they did a fine job!)
    After 90 minutes, they came home with $55.61. We are ready for Round 2 of the Lemonade Crusade sometime this week!

  14. Brenda Gagne

    Allie, Reilly & Kaylie Gagne participated again in this awesome event! They did so much better this year than they did last year. They had a lot of confidence this time, and were able to really do most of this entire project without my help. I guided them, but was super proud of how they worked together to accomplish this project on their own.

    They earned the most points possible at 340, with a total gross of $132.90 and a profit of $96.41 for both 90 min. sessions. Our video is a lot longer than 2 mins, but they all had a hand in the editing of it and didn’t want to cut their screen time 😉

    I hope you enjoy their video and thank you for this great experience!

  15. Joseph and Andrew Shetler

    The boys had an amazing time taking part in The Great Lemonade Crusade! They took a different stance in doing so, having their lemonade stand in the fellowship room at our church. It was a huge success! Half of their earnings went to help the church out, which ended up being a whopping $100. Enjoy the video and thank you!!

    • Diane

      Fantastic job! I love that you took this challenge and used it for the greater good of others! Very impressive, and terrific video!

    • Cynthia Guzman

      * Correction 290 points here is scorecard.

  16. Nathan Stoll

    Great event! The boys, Lleyton (10) and Oliver (8) loved the event and were able to learn a lot of business lessons along the way. They earned only $6 from the weekend but we blame the over 100 degree heat and think folks were at the lake. The boys learned the value of an investor and what it means to have a business risk. I explained to them that sometimes investors take risks and in this case the investment far exceeded the revenue. It was a great opportunity to talk to the boys about location and marketing and what we could have done better. They earned 290 points from the scorecard during this operation. We would have earned the other 50 points for the last 90 minute sessions, but quickly that the heat sometimes keeps people away from an outside event. They were especially proud of the markup and profit on the balloon animals. Super low investment and over a 4000% markup! Plus the novelty was eye catching!
    Thank you Mark for putting this together! We enjoyed the entire process. I have attached the link to our video and hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

  17. shelley belcourt

    I’m incredibly proud of Cruz and Rico – they’ve totally managed the lemonade crusade by themselves this year. The only thing I did was help with driving them to make their purchases, and to get the major parts of the stand set up.

    They’ve outdone themselves with comments like “I’m really proud of myself” and “I had such a great time”. Their learning has sky-rocketed this year with the responsibility they’ve taken on. They’re saying they will definitely continue to do this and are saving their profits for their “real business” when they’re older 🙂

    And can I add that we are in New Zealand so its the winter time here so no mean feat to sell cold lemonade!! One day they were out for 4 hours!! LOL ;–)

    Enjoy their video and profit/loss statement they independently produced….

  18. Shannon Hoverson

    Isaac, Grace, Rush and Micah Hoverson received all points totalling 340 once they finished the video. They had so much fun and were able to do so much of it by themselves which was fun for me to watch and record.

  19. shelley belcourt

    Sorry – the boys just got home from school and told me off because I only saw their first page total of points. They completed all the points available = 340.

    Hope I’m out of trouble now! 🙂

  20. Molly Hydes

    Olivia was very excited to participate in the Lemonade Crusade for the first time this year! She earned 290 points. She would have earned the full 340 if I had read the rules correctly. She did her two 90 minute lemonade stands back-to-back (3 hours at once) because we did it on Sunday the 28th and I missed the part about it needing to be on two separate days. I haven’t ever made a video combining video, music, and pictures before…so it’s the best I can do. I couldn’t figure out how to fade the music so you could hear her talk at the end of the longer video, so I had to also make a separate video without the music so you can hear her share her experience at the Lemonade Stand.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the great Lemonade Crusade! Hopefully next year we’ll see the dates before it’s half over and we’ll have a little more time to read the rules carefully and learn how to make a video 😉

    P.S. We miss and love you two and thought you would enjoy seeing a few familiar faces in the video.

    • Shannon Hoverson

      Molly Bloy!!!! This was so precious! Definitely fun to see a familiar face.

  21. Pamela Church

    Hi Mark,

    I listened to your interview with Mike Dillard and then checked out your website here. I love what you are doing with your children, and would love an opportunity to speak with you!

    I am a homeschool mom of a high schooler and a recent entrepreneur starting down the path of online marketing. My husband and I are not going back to the ‘safety net’ of a paycheck and we have made a huge decision mid-life to stay this better lifestyle course.

    Also, we love Eben Pagan’s webinars and have been listening to as much information on entrepreneurship as possible over the last two months. In addition we have invested 1,000’s of dollars a month to shorten the learning curve and get help with online marketing. We have learned a lot and been down lots of paths trying to figure things out while not going bankrupt. My husband was laid off over two years ago from his Corporate Executive position, so figuring things out has been tough, but we are committed.

    We have been affiliating and know this is a temporary answer for us while we learn how to build our own business not relying on or copying someone else. We truly want to be unique like Eben and Jeff Walker teach, and find some folks we have relied on to teach us try to discourage us in this area of doing ‘our ideas.’ We want to make an impact and not go broke, but we are not just about a one-time sale to make money and just move on like we feel has been done to us somewhat. We really care about people’s success especially if they are doing their best and failing vs. not doing anything and giving up on entrepreneurship.

    One of my visions and what I am enthusiastic about is what you are doing which is helping young people and their parents catch the entrepreneurship vision and be able to provide them with things to help the process along. My husband is also excited to help the young people see a different way other than a 4 year University and to pour into them in a way that brings out their creative God-given uniqueness and value. We have some ideas developing for our own business which is exciting, but know we will want the right mentors around us.

    I love your lemonade stand blueprint and contest! It’s a great idea and such an inspiration to me to add to the community of young entrepreneurs too!

    Would you be open to talk with me more? We are in Colorado.

    Thanks for your consideration and the impact you are making in the American economy!

  22. Emmanuel Balan

    Love this Mark!!! Thank you so much for having a vision larger than just your family and helping the rest of us! We will join the crusade, I’ll follow up later.

  23. Jaden Easton

    Evyn & Sullivan has a blast participating in the Great Lemonade Crusade… they are already planning to do it a few more times throughout the Summer after it’s over. We crusaded twice, on July 17 and July 30 earning the most points possible at 340.

    They learned a lot through the experience, like the importance of the stand’s location and being assertive with the sale. <— my brothers discovered if they took turns walking around the park with the Lemonade stand every 30-minutes or so, it would bring in new customers.

    Our gross profit was $47.95 and profit was $27.45.

  24. Ingrid

    Makayla and Isaac ran their lemonade stand on July 17th, July 22nd, and July 30th…I’ve never seen my children work so hard!!! They learned so much anout marketing ,investing, customer service, quality control, community, and for my younger one Isaac how to count money (bills & coins). They got to see how all of those tips from Mark make a difference when running a business. They earned the highest possible amount from the score card at 340! One of my favorite parts of the whole experience was watching Makayla create a Profit & Loss report. Thank you for this entrepreneurial program! Please watch their video to find out their TOTAL NET PROFIT.
    I was blown away a kid could make so much from selling Lemonade!

  25. Brenda Gagne

    Allie, Reilly and Kaylie Gagne participated again for their 3rd year in a row. Reilly was the big motivator this year and had the most excitement to get this thing off the ground. They knew from day 1 that because they have experience doing this, everything was completely up to them to do. I would support anything they asked, but all plans, shopping, location and dates had to be decided together on their own. I really wanted them to take full responsibility this year, and I’m so happy they stepped up to the challenge. I did have a great discussion with them in the beginning that if they wanted to win first place they were going to have to step up their game and get out of their comfort zone and think about new ways to upsell and different locations to attract more customers… (They were VERY aware of the costs at the store, margins were a big deal to them this year, and the trip took forever as they discussed which items would yield the most interest and profits).

    I was SO proud of Reilly for acting on her idea of going to the YMCA to talk to the director! She asked if they could setup outside the gymnastics center and swimming pool on Sat morning while there were gym and swim classes going on. For her to actually talk to someone is a BIG deal…something we’ve been working on for years. She almost chickened out, but stood confidently while talking to her. (For me that was the highlight of this entire thing!) Unfortunately as you can see in this video, our 1 and only chance to setup there was rained out… However that gave them the opportunity to trouble shoot and realize that sometimes things don’t go as planned, and create a new plan. They ended up with the full points of 340 and came away with gross sales of $122 and in profit of $78.

    They all had a hand in creating the video, but this year it was Kaylie’s turn to learn how to edit videos… She did great. We hope you like their video and thank you Mark for this great opportunity for them to be part of something bigger than themselves.

  26. Scarlett Henderson

    My daughter Scarlett and her employee/friend had such a great time enjoying their 1st Lemonade Crusade!
    She’s already thinking about what to do next year to improve upon get results.

    Thanks for helping us with higher expectations, Mark!


  27. Brett Taylor

    Thank you Mark Hoverson for everything you do. This was a great entrepreneurship experience for my three girls. They really did have a lot of fun right from the start with preparations, the big day, and reviewing the lessons. We had a hot Canadian day reaching 30 degrees celsius at the ball field. Thanks to their coach for giving us the opportunity. They earned an honest 290 points only losing out on the second day bonus points. I didn’t give them the opportunity for a second day as our only option was a site with zero traffic and I didn’t want them to have that negative experience. Some great lessons learned here beyond what is mentioned in the video including the P&L statement sheet where they did all the math on their own and produced a net profit of $59. It was a very successful day. Check out the team lemonade jersey’s! This is a great program helping to build teamwork, confidence, courage, imagination and more while teaching entrepreneurial skills exactly when they need to learn them – early. Thank you!

  28. Shelley Belcourt

    So awesome to see all the entrants in 2016. You’ve all done a fantastic job!

    Unfortunately Cruz and Rico were not able to complete the GLC in the allotted time frame but we will run it again during our summer, in the southern hemisphere!

    Anyone thinking about doing this – you can actually have your kids do it any time – fantastic learning and experiences.

    Thanks again Mark and Shannon 🙂

  29. Tyler Tashiro & Joe Bartley

    Joe Bartley and I sponsored Joe’s “little brother” (from the Big Brother Big Sisters Program) Manuel in this year’s Great Lemonade Crusade.

    Although we only got to Crusade once on July 30th, it was a great experience for Manuel.

    We spent a total of four hours during the crusade… Two of them picking up the necessary products and ingredients, and the last two selling to local neighbors and friends.

    As seen in the video, we even had a few donations from people who heard that we were doing the Lemonade Crusade, but weren’t able to make it there in person.

    Our Gross Profit was $119, and our profits after expenses were $74.

    Manuel’s biggest takeaway from the day was the importance of good customer service.

    We scored a total of 290 points on this year’s Great Lemonade Crusade!

  30. Angela Heske

    Mom’s Notes and Take Away: “The Great Lemonade Crusade 2017 with The Lemon Sisters”

    Carly, 11 and Emmy 9, held their first (and second) lemonade stand last week. Traffic as a little sparse as we live right near the school and the school had just finished their extended summer program for the season. Nonetheless, Carly and Emmy provided fantastic service with smile!

    They did everything from shop, to prep to bake and serve. I only supervised (and helped cut out one extra sign). They worked hard at calling cars over with some fancy dance moves to get folks to pull over and stop. They provide car/window service when preferred. They chatted with folks and told them about the program. Customers loved the idea of gamifying a youth entrepreneurial program. So they were really excited to buy. The girls did some extras like making two kinds of lemonade. The organic honey lemonade was a big hit! They kept the drinks cold by keeping them in a cooler under the table along with the lemon slices. They also made lemon-strawberry cookies and muffins and and almond-butter bombs (which were not nearly as popular.)

    Profits were not huge but we talked about “capital investments” and how we would not have to spend those next year if we take care of our stuff, so that should bring profits up for next year. They sold little balsa wood gliders and comic books for toys that they purchased on Amazon.

    Emmy is on the Autism spectrum and she did a great job at dancing and calling cars over to stop. Helping her sister pour and serve and always saying, “Have a nice day. Enjoy your lemonade.” Mom was very proud of her hard work.

    Carly was in charge (as you will see in the video) and she was a great leader. She planned everything and motivated her sister to help. She served customers really well. (Our customers would not let us video them.. but we were able to take some pictures). Carly was excited that they got all the available points from the instructions. And she made the video herself on iMovie. She also brainstormed a few fun ideas to make more money next year. They grossed $44 the first day and $11 the second day. But after expenses, they only netted about $6 and change. (it’s in the video). I also told them that few companies make a profit their first year.

    The older customers were very nostalgic and told us stories about when they had lemonade stands or when their now-adult kids had lemonade stands. The overall experience was very good. I loved seeing Carly in charge of the entire project. She did a great job and we all had a lot of fun in the process.

  31. Betty Waite

    I don’t see any link to find out more about this! I would like to know more information about it, please.
    Thank you
    Betty Waite

  32. Jada & Noah Baker

    The Baker Tribe was able to do 2 Lemonade Stands…the first on July 18th in the evening in our downtown area and they made $210!!! The second stand was in the same location on July 28th in the afternoon and they made $116!!!

    Their total points on their score card was 280!!!

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  34. Ann Marie Sladek

    Hi Shannon!
    My 4 boys jad an Incredible time doing #theGreatLemonadeCrusades 🍋
    So much so the plan on holding stand throughout the rest of the summer!
    When asked the 2 things that stood out most about running a 5 ☆ Lemonade Stand’ They said ..1). Hardwork 2) It was So Much FUN! 3) We met So many cool people!
    They Even came up with a Plan when on one of our planned days…it was pouring down rain…to Deliver to the customer to their car! And put up a covered area for additional comfort!! Go TEAM!! Talk about going the Extra mile for their customers! It was a Real Pleasure – even as their Mom to see these kiddos think outside of the box to Problem Solve instead of just ‘fold uo camp’ and give up! They had several professional stop by Just to let them know how well they did on their Marketing! I believe for their 1st go around they did an Exceptional job! I was Inspired by their desire to use their ‘profits’ to make sandwiches for our communities homeless ❤
    Thank you for this Beautiful and Inspiring Opportunity to be apart of! We are looking forward to #THEGREATLEMONADECRUSADES going Global and being apart of it Each step of the way!

    You, Yourself Shannon Hoverson-are an Awe Inspiring Individual with a soul of gold!

    Many Blessings,
    The Sladek’s
    Ann Marie, Anthony, Landon, Bradley & Connor

  35. Kimberley Roberts

    My boys had a blast hosting 2 lemonade stands and learning about business and entrepreneurship! Thank you so much for this opportunity for them! It’s been a privilege being a part of the Lemonade Crusade legacy!!

  36. Ann Marie Sladek

    Anthony, Landon, Bradley and Connor had So much Fun…They had some Great words of wisdom for any kiddos looking to join in
    We All are So Thankful for this time together as a family, as it allowed me to step outside of the day to day and spend some Unique, Quality time with Each of my boys! Thank you for opening up that opportunity, Shannon Hoverson ❤ I’m not sure about anyone else, but it was a beautiful nudge to some Phenomenal quality Mother/son time ❤. So, So much more than a lemonade stand…I can see Why (Mark) & your Vision of this IS going to be of something to take Notice!! To Whoever’s thinking of joining … JUST DO IT!! You will CHERISH the Experience from this day forward!!
    From the bottom of our hearts to yours,
    The Sladek’s
    Ann Marie
    Anthony, Landon, Bradley, and Connor

  37. Jada & Noah Baker

    The Baker Tribe was able to do 2 Lemonade Stands…the first on July 18th in the evening in our downtown area and they made $210!!! The second stand was in the same location on July 28th in the afternoon and they made $116!!!
    Their total points on their score card was 280!!!

  38. Toby and Layla Black

    This has been an amazing experience and all my littles are under 5!

    I can’t wait to see more and more youngsters take the crusade.

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